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Firstly, as with all treatments, CoolSculpting results do vary from person to person. There are hyper-responders, average respond-ers, low responders and, unfortunately, a rare non-responder. Justifiably a few people are disappointed with their results, but on the flip side, most are satisfied and many are delighted. The most common reason for the few reviews that claim the treatment didn't work has nothing to do with the treatment at all. It has to do with the simple fact that what the eye doesn’t see every day the brain forgets. When people return to the clinic for post-treatment photos, sometimes they have forgotten what they looked like before. The photos almost always leave them convinced and happy. The “not worth it” reviews are often written by people who did not return to their treatment provider to see their before and after comparisons. CoolSculpting has the highest “worth it” rating of all body-contouring treatments.
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