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An internal temperature of 42 – 47 degrees Celsius is the goal. Continuous cooling protects the dermis throughout the SculpSure treatment.  It takes 4 minutes to build and then the temperature is maintained for 21 minutes.  During this time you will feel repetitive 30 Second waves of deeper heat for 10 seconds following by cooling for 20 seconds.  SculpSure feels hot for the last few seconds of each 10-second wave of heat but just as you think you can’t handle it any longer the cooling kicks in to provide relief.  During this time a technician will be constantly monitoring your comfort level and can adjust the energy if you feel it is too uncomfortable.
The fat cells that clear after SculpSure will be permanently gone. Many people, after seeing the results from their SculpSure procedure, are motivated to take even better care of themselves. If you do gain weight, however, the weight will be more likely to accumulate evenly all over your body, not localized in the treated areas where it previously tended to accumulate.
Yes, we can do your treatment no matter what your ethnicity.
On the right candidate the answer would be yes, and being able to do so with without plastic surgery is a true benefit to non-surgical body contouring. It is important to have realistic expectations, however. Two rounds of SculpSure (non-surgical body-contouring) cannot get rid of as much fat as a single lipo-suction plastic surgery can. Another thing to consider is that non-surgical body contouring cannot correct loose skin like a tummy tuck can.
Two treatments is a standard recommendation and the second treatment can be done as early as six weeks after the first. Those who wish to debulk could benefit from additional rounds.
You may experience mildly pink or red skin, tenderness or discomfort, swelling, tissue firmness or nodules in the treated areas. These are all expected side effects that usually resolve within a few weeks. Tenderness may occur as early as the day of treatment and can last up to two weeks. If needed, use a cold compress and/or acetaminophen to help relieve tenderness. Other less common side effect will be discussed at the time of your consultation.
Yes, this is part of the post-treatment instructions following SculpSure. Massaging each treatment area for 5-10 minutes per day is recommended to help maximize your results.
You could go straight to the gym immediately following your treatment. The treated area will feel tender for a few days but there is no reason to not exercise.
Fat is not heavy compared to its volume. A single pound of fat is the size of a pound of butter. When you think about reducing fat from a localized area, a small weight change makes a big difference. When you look at before and after photos of SculpSure results, the best examples will be those that show little or no weight-change. If the weight has not changed the fat-loss is clearly a result of the treatment, not weight-loss results from diet or exercise.
SculpSure is not for weight-loss. It is a body-contouring treatment that can reduce localized areas of fat. An ideal candidate will be close to their ideal weight or within 30 pounds of their ideal weight. Only the area of fat that is treated will be reduced in size so it is important to have realistic expectations.
Firstly, as with all treatments, SculpSure results do vary from person to person. Unfortunately a few people do not respond well. On the flip side, most are satisfied and many are delighted. The most common reason for the few reviews that claim SculpSure is not worth it has nothing to do with the treatment at all. It has to do with the simple fact that what the eye doesn’t see every day the brain forgets. When people return to the clinic for post-treatment photos, sometimes they have forgotten what they looked like before. The photos almost always leave them convinced and happy. The “not worth it” reviews are often written by people who did not return to their treatment provider to see their before and after comparisons. SculpSure has the highest “worth it” rating of all body-contouring treatments, except CoolSculpting which has long been rated highest.
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